A bit of a Stumble, but then a long run!

Last night during our evening walk, I took some photographs, and made several movies of my little lady. The first movie shows Divinity stumbling a bit, even after she reaches the non-rocky edge of the driveway.

Start of our Evening Walk

Beginning our Evening Walk


Note: This morning Divinity is feeling the after effects of her long run; she is completely exhausted.

On the Return Trip

Very tired, but almost home


The second movie shows Divinity enjoying the the longest run I’ve seen her have in months! When Divinity runs now, it’s always on the return trip.

Watch the movies of Divinity.

Stumbling a bit


Divinity enjoying a long run!

2 responses

  1. My goodness that romp through the grass made me smile!
    Sorry it tuckered her out, they really never cease to amaze us,though.
    Hope her day was better after she rested.
    Heading back up to the mts, it’s 106 again.
    So,Miss D you hang in there. Enjoy all your pretty green grass, ours is brown.
    Thinking of you both,
    Fay and her girls

    • Unfortunately, Divinity paid a heavy price for that long run. The next day, she was totally exhausted, sick, and had multiple seizures.

      However, I suspect Divinity thinks it was worth going through that to enjoy her run. Divinity is one tough, old lady!

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