Divinity receives a Comfort Groom

Today, Divinity went to see Anna at the beauty parlour. Anna’s been grooming Divinity since she left the puppy-mill, 5-1/2 years ago. The last time Divinity was groomed, she created quite a ruckus. Divinity’s patience for standing still has grown thin, as the symptoms of her cancer advances

In need of a Beauty Treatment

In need of a Beauty Treatment


Today, due to her advancing cancer, and lack of patience for most anything, Anna gave Divinity a “comfort groom” which includes a shampoo, fast hairdo with only some hand-stripping, a nail trim, and a quick once over with clippers & scissors.

Putting up a fight

Putting up a fight


I returned to Anna’s just in time to take a few photo’s, and make three movie’s. The movie’s show my little lady putting up a bit of a fights.

Feeling a little better

Feeling a little better


View the movie’s of Divinity at the beauty parlour.

Comfort Groom – Video #1


Comfort Groom – Video #2


Comfort Groom – Video #3

4 responses

  1. She looks GREAT and you have a super personable groomer who obviously understands Cairns and just how stubborn they can be. HEY PRINCESS you have to put up with a lot more to look as gorgeous as you do . . . the guy dogs have it easy.

  2. Dear Divinity’s Dad,
    Divinity looks adorable and I am sure she feels better. Give her many hugs and kisses and some from me. Our little Gina went to the Rainbow Bridge last Thursday. Her ashes came home today so is back home and safe again. She is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for us when the time comes. Divinity looks great but
    just to let you know that I did whisper to Gina to be sure to watch for Divinity some day long from now.
    Hugs to you and Divinity. She still looks great, Dad. I love to see that she still has that Cairn fight in her!
    Go girl!!!

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