Not Feeling too Good

Divinity’s not felt good since she had her latest grooming three days ago. I suspect the stress of going to the groomer’s has a lot to do with how she feels.

Several times recently when Divinity’s been highly stressed, she’s had an immediate decline in her health  afterwards, from which she never recovered.

Not Feeling Well

Today, my little lady really did not look good, so out I went for a pork chop to cheer her up. Unfortunately, though Divinity ate heartily at dinner, within an hour she had vomited it all up.

It’s too early to tell whether this is a permanent, or temporary issue, but the vomiting is something I’ve watched for since she was first diagnosed with cancer.

When Divinity’s cancer first surfaced, vomiting was a major issue. Since she’s been on her medicine, she’s been able to keep things down. Just one more thing for dad to worry about. I’ll give my little lady an extra bit of ice cream tonight for her evening treat, but I’ll try not to give her too much, as to cause tummy problems.

Not Feeling Well



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  1. Dear Miss D and dad, so sorry to hear she isn’t feeling well.
    What a worry! Hope the ice cream does better.
    I guess one hopeful note is that she still wants to eat.
    We had to leave the mts,a huge fire 6 miles from cabin. The Eiler Fire. Dogs weren’t happy to go,but I was!
    Keeping you both in thoughts and prayers.
    Soft scritches to Miss D.
    Fay and her girls

    • The ice cream helped, but Divinity’s already asleep which is very unusual. Being sick is not my concern right now, it was the vomiting. When first diagnosed, she was vomiting every day, and often it was multiple times each day.

      I’ll know in another few days whether this is another permanent decline or not. Hopefully, it’s not.

  2. Divinity is in my prayers tonight. Hoping she just had a little set back of a meal. Maybe the pork was a little too rich and the ice cream settled her stomach. Sleep tight, Divinity.
    Gina at the RB, Joan her Mom

    • Last night Divinity slept soundly, and this morning she ate all her “easy to digest” breakfast. I’m now waiting to see if it stays down. Hopefully, it will.

      Vomiting is the one thing I watch for, as it was an earlier sign of her cancer. So far her cancer medication is working, but when it stops working, the end will come quickly.

  3. Many thanks for the update! Said an extra prayer for her last night. Hope she is able to keep her breakfast down. It is so hard to watch them get sick.
    Thinking of you both.
    Fay and her girls

    • Thanks, Fay.

      This is a just slow ending, to a wonderful five years. I’m not sure when the end will finally occur, but Divinity & I are enjoying whatever together time we have left.

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