Sleeping Comfortably

For the past 24-hours or so, Divinity’s been sleeping comfortably. Fortunately, she’s been able to eat again, without throwing up. Its been six days since Divinity went to the beauty parlour, and her health, and energy levels, have not returned to what they were the day prior to her visit.

Sleeping Comfortably

It seems now every time Divinity gets stressed, she suffers a permanent decline in her health. Though Divinity’s been to Anna’s more than two dozen times since she left the puppy-mill, she now finds the tugging, clipping, and hand-stripping very stressful.

My job from here on out, is to make Divinity’s life as stress free as possible.


2 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing, she looks so comfy. You are so right,that is all one can do. She is in good hands!
    Fay and her girls

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