Recent Weight Loss

About three weeks ago, I noticed that Divinity “looked” like she had longer legs. For more than two weeks, I could not figure out what would cause that “look.” Last week, Divinity went to the groomer’s for a new hairdo; after her beauty treatment, this “longer leg” look became more pronounced.

Divinity wearing her "Super Suit."

Divinity wearing her “Super Suit.”


Three days ago, I started thinking that maybe Divinity’s body was shrinking. A shrinkage in her torso girth would certainly produce the “longer leg” effect.

Then last night I remembered her “Super Suit” had a very snug fit last winter, so this morning I put it on her to see how it fit today. I was easily able to grab a handful of excess material. My suspicion was confirmed, Divinity has lost a lot of weight recently.

This cannot be a good sign, especially as over the past few weeks Divinity’s become more, and more tired.

Update: I received an email from Divinity’s vet, Dr. Steve, who said unfortunately, weight loss was to be expected.


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