A Very Good Day!

Divinity had an unbelievably good day yesterday. Divinity also ate more than she’s eaten in any single day in months, which is a good thing after all the weight she’s lost recently.

The first three pictures in this series, show how lanky/spindly Divinity has become. At the end of this post, are three video’s of our day in the park.

John Anderson Memorial Park

In the morning, we went for a drive in the country, we next went to the John Anderson Memorial Park that we had visited in early July. To complete our trip, we stopped at the local Dairy Queen for a “Grill Burger” lunch. This meal consists of a hamburgers, fries, a drink for dad, and a small ice cream sundae that Divinity & I share. Actually, Divinity & I also share the hamburgers and fries.

John Anderson Memorial Park

Surprisingly, and for the first time in a long time, Divinity devoured everything she was served.

John Anderson Memorial Park

After arriving home, we rested, again Divinity surprised me as she didn’t immediately go to sleep. This hadn’t happened for a very long time.

John Anderson Memorial Park

When it was time for dinner, Divinity ate everything in her dish, and for her evening treat, she ate every bite of ice cream!

John Anderson Memorial Park

Unfortunately, Divinity paid the price for such an active day, by furiously pacing back and forth at bedtime. My little ladies Sundowner Syndrome returned with a vengeance last night. Today, Divinity is very tired, and sleeping most of the time, but yesterday’s reprieve was a joy to behold.

John Anderson Memorial Park

Here is a very happy Divinity after her walk in the park!

John Anderson Memorial Park

View the movies of Divinity at the park.

John Anderson Memorial Park – Video #1
John Anderson Memorial Park – Video #2


John Anderson Memorial Park – Video #3

7 responses

  1. What a nice day you both had! Lovely park for a stroll. Enjoyed all your pictures and videos of Miss D! She looked so happy, what a little character.
    Off to the mts for a few days, so Miss D, keep your path gentle.
    Soft scratches behind the ears…from
    Fay and her crew

    • We are really enjoying this park, more than we do the park that’s been our favourite for several years.

      There are seldom any people, and there is much softer grass.

      Enjoy the mountains!

  2. Divinity looks so cute in her pictures. She had a wonderful day as we can see. She is a senior citizen and sometimes we get excited and do too much one day and have to go slowly the next day! Enjoy, Miss Divinity..

    • Thank you, Joan.

      Surprisingly, late yesterday, Divinity perked up quite a bit. This was unexpected, but was a pleasant surprise.

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