Divinity’s Weight Loss

Tuesday, Divinity & I went to see Dr. Steve for more medicine. Dr. Steve seemed surprised that Divinity’s been feeling so energetic. However, Dr. Steve also gave the impression that this might possibly be the last “feeling good” cycle before her final days. I actually asked Dr Steve about that possibility; he paused, then said something like “maybe with others, but with Divinity, one never knows.”

An Exhausted Divinity

In the past three weeks or so, Divinity’s lost nine percent of her body weight. Divinity’s gone from 17.5 pounds, to 16.1 pounds. She was weighed wearing her full harness & boots, so her actually weight is lower, and after five days of having a lot of pep & vigor, Divinity’s energy level has dropped significantly.

Divinity has an extraordinary desire to live. However, even with Divinity’s “tough as nails” determination, her cancer is still eating away inside of her. At some point, even “strong will” won’t be enough to keep Divinity going.

Quite frankly, Dr. Steve seemed surprised that Divinity’s still alive. I’m amazed myself.

Divinity is one, tough, little lady!



3 responses

  1. I had something similar happen with my old Cairn Kyra. She had a very serious cancer but much to everyone’s amazement including her vet she went on for another two years enjoying life.
    She loved to go for walks with the other Cairns but tired out sometimes so on the return walk home she would ride in a regular baby stroller. She thought this was quite special. She was our girl!
    Hugs to Divinity


    • Unfortunately, Divinity is now unable to go for longer walks. My little lady tires, quickly.

      The end is coming, it’s just happening in slow-motion.

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