Homemade Ice Milk for Divinity

Ice MilkDivinity & I have been eating way too much ice cream.

I serve Divinity a bit of ice cream as her treat very night, so I can get her dementia medicine into her. Naturally, dad gets to have some ice cream as well.

In the past, as suggested by several people, I tried giving my little lady plain yogurt.

However, each time I tried this, Divinity went into overdrive for hours afterwards. Just the opposite behavior of what one should expect.


After two attempts at yogurt, several months apart, and using different brands each time, I gave up and stuck with regular ice cream which Divinity enjoys, and so far, it doesn’t seem to adversely affect her.


* 3 cups milk
* 1/4 cup sugar (I only used 1/4 of the sugar the recipe stated.)
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
* Unsweetened Peach Dices


1. Combined warmed milk, sugar, and vanilla in a bowl (I used a 6.2 qt (1.4 liter) container), and mixed thoroughly with my egg beater mixer.

2. Put it in the fridge to cool, mixing after 2-hours.

3. When cool, I put the bowl in the freezer, mixing every 2-hours until frozen solid.

OXO Egg Beater

Quite honestly my Ice Milk is a very poor imitation of what I’d get at Dairy Queen, though I’m sure a real ice cream maker would help.

However, it’s good enough for me, but I’ll save the real ice cream for Divinity.


3 responses

  1. A girl just knows what she likes! So glad to hear she still enjoys her ice cream.
    Your ice milk recipe sounds good, but I’m with Miss D bring on the real stuff.
    Fay and her girls

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