Divinity’s Blog – 5th Anniversary

Today, is the 5th anniversary of Divinity’s blog. Divinity & I want to thank the thousands of people who have visited Divinity’s blog over these past five years.

Here is our list of links to some of Divinity’s favorite blog posts for this past year. Links to the two saddest posts are at the top.

Divinity & I hope you’ll continue to read, and enjoy her adventures.

Note: These except for the first two links, all other links were inserted in random order.

* Divinity’s Declining Health (diagnosed with Cancer)

* Divinity Develops Sundowner’s Syndrome

* A trip to the St. Croix River

* Switching from Hamburger’s to Pork Chops

* A nice walk through a small park

* A Smiling Divinity

* Visitor from Fiji (Fiji was the 70th country Divinity’s blog has had visitor’s from)

* Divinity meets with her Home Inspector

* Fifth Adoption Anniversary

* Pre-Adoption Anniversary Indoor-Camping Trip

* A walk in the park for Spring

* Divinity’s movies – Moved to a new site

* Senior Citizen Discounts?

* Divinity’s Readership: List of Visitor Countries

* Animal Ambassador’s e-newsletter

* Snowplow Supervisor

* Miss Divinity’s “Fashion Collection”

* The Fifth Annual – Mid-Winter, Indoor Camping Trip

* WordPress review’s Divinity’s blog for 2013

* Winter Bonnet

* Happy Birthday, Divinity!

* A new winter outfit

* Divinity in the morning mist

* Petties Award Finalist – Voting Results


4 responses

  1. This is the most beautiful little girl. I wish I had known of Divinity’s blog earlier as I would have loved to follow her adventures through those five years.

    The love you both share will live forever.

    Hugs to Divinity

    • You are able to read every post on Divinity’s blog by scrolling down the page.

      It will take some time to read every post, but it’ll be worth it.

  2. Sorry this late….but Happy 5th Blog Anniversary!
    Miss D and Richard, I have very much enjoyed your adventures, pictures and videos through the years.
    Miss D, I continue to keep you both in my thoughts and prayers as you go along life’s path.
    Fay and her girls

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