Dementia getting worse, and more weight loss

Unfortunately, Divinity’s dementia symptoms have increased dramatically. My little lady no longer just paces at sundown; Divinity now regularly paces for hours throughout the night.

Last night the evening pacing began around 9:00pm, and kept up until around 1:30am. Every time Divinity made the rounds up the upper floor, she’d jump on the bed, and wake me. After very little sleep, I put Divinity in the back room with her bed, and closed the doors as I needed a break. However, when I checked on her at 1:00am, she was still pacing frantically.

Divinity receives the maximum dose of her dementia medication, so there’s no increasing the dosage in the hopes of calming my little lady. This is difficult behavior for her dad to watch. My sweet little lady is rapidly meandering her way into the sunset.

Ten days ago, I published a post on Divinity loosing weight. Unfortunately, since then she’s lost even more weight. I don’t have a scale, but I can feel her bones more than I could even ten days ago. Divinity’s boots are now regularly falling off, as her ankles have gotten smaller, as her weight drops.

As it is, I needed to modify her boots to fit, as even the smallest size boots, were too large for her tiny feet. I’m managing to keep the boots on for the most part, but after two plus years of heavy use, these boots are well worn.


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  1. Thinking of you both. You are so right, so hard to watch and feel helpless.
    Hoping Miss D can have a calm day, bless her heart.
    Fay and girls

  2. It’s so hard to see them like that. We had a 14 year old shepherd mix that did that for three years so I feel for you and Divinity. Our cairn girl is getting up there now too and beginning to show signs of aging. We love them so it’s hard to know they will leave us soon. My heart breaks for you as I read your blog. Sending warm fuzzies to you both.

  3. Dear Divinity’s Dad,
    This is (Gina at the Rainbow Bridge) mom. My heart is hurting for you so much. It is so difficult to see them have trouble and then have a good moment or two. I am praying hard that Divinity will have more good days than bad as long as the weather is good and she can go outside with you. Don’t give up on her food and her eating. At the end, Gina was getting whatever she would eat. She really liked it when I would add some scrambled egg to her meal. I think the protein, even though it was bad for her kidneys, gave her an extra boost with something that she liked.
    Give Divinity a hug and kiss from me and I am keeping you both in my prayers. Enjoy every minute with her.
    Joan, Gina’s Mom

    P.S. Keep those boots on, Divinity!

    • Actually, yesterday, Divinity ate a scrambled egg for the first time in months. For some reason, she just didn’t want her regular food, so I cooked up an egg for her, and she gobbled it right up!

  4. I’m so sad to be reading this. My Tanzy who will be 18 in two months is doing a lot of the same as Divinity without the cancer so I know what you have to be going through. She gets to wondering and walking and walking as well, and because she’s a light weight little girlie I do crate her more so she doesn’t keep burning calories with the self-imposed exercise. She’s also more thirsty because of her walking so we are going a lot more snacks with high water content. My prayers continue.

    • Divinity has started feeling small and frail. I am extra careful picking her up, and carrying her as I don’t want to hurt her. Divinity’s loosing weight even though she has a good helping of real ice cream every night.

      Divinity’s birthday is December 1st, and her rescue from the puppy-mill anniversary is a few days or so earlier. I’m not very hopeful that my little lady will be still be around to celebrate those days this year. It’s possible, but even Divinity has determination limits.

  5. Hi Richard reading about Divinity’s most recent situation. Sorry to hear of this as I know she means a lot to you! I also experienced this last November when we lost our Buster to cancer. It is very hard to watch but take comfort in the fact that she has been given such a wonderful life from you. Wishing you and Divinity the best!

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