Our Last Indoor-Camping Trip

Divinity & I decided to have one last indoor camping trip before her final journey. Lately, it’s been too hot, and too humid to set the tent up indoors.

The Last Camping Trip

The nights have now turned a bit cooler, so Divinity & I are taking the opportunity to enjoy one last indoor camping adventure.

The Last Camping Trip

Divinity became ill last winter, shortly after I bought this new tent. Since that time, we’ve not had the freedom to go camping outdoors.

The Last Camping Trip

As in the past, Divinity got excited as soon as she saw the tent, and as always, she climbed right in as soon as it was up.

The Last Camping Trip

I don’t know how many nights we’ll spend in the tent, but we will enjoy every one. However, after this camp out is over, I’ll be putting the tent up for sale. I could not go camping without my little lady beside me.


7 responses

  1. I’ve been silently following your journey with Miss Divinity these past few months and I am in awe of your devotion to her. It hurts my heart to think of how hard this must be for you but your selfless commitment to ensuring she experiences only comfort until you help her make her final journey is truly amazing. You’ve given her a life full of love and caring that most dogs never get to experience. I’ll be keeping you and Miss D in my thoughts these next few days.

  2. Dear Miss D and dad,
    I was so happy to hear that you pulled the tent out. Made me cry and smile at the same time. Such special times you two have had. Richard, you are such a thoughtful, caring dad to a very special girl.
    Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Our camping trip only lasted two nights, but it was fun.

      I’m very happy Divinity had a chance to have an indoor-camping adventure one last time.

  3. I WOULDN’T PUT UP ANOTHER TENT IF I HAD TO . . . thinking decades ago when I had to . . . except for a little girl named Divinity so has so many people who heart love her. YOU BOTH ARE ANGELS ALREADY. I will so miss the Divinity stories. Talk about Dads and Dogs that go to heaven. YOU BOTH WILL. Danielle

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