Bath Time

Today, it was bath time in the Divinity household. My little lady needed a bath, and today was as good a day as any to bathe her. In the past, Divinity stood quietly in the tub while I bathed her.

Bath Time

Unfortunately, as my little lady has aged, she’s developed less tolerance to most everything, including grooming. I did manage to give her a quick brush before taking these pictures, but I’ll need to wait until she’s more relaxed before I can brush her thoroughly.

Bath Time


2 responses

  1. It ain’t fun being clean……can’t say as I blame her…. It’s her terriertude.
    She sure looks cute on your bed.
    As always.
    Fay and her dirty girls

  2. She looks great, Dad. She says you brushed enough!! Girls have the right to be cranky. Glad she can get on your bed. We did the same for Gina the last couple of months. We slept on a blowup bed on the floor so Gina could sleep with us (as usual) and walk on and off at her leisure.
    Joan, Gina’s Mom and still Mom to Millie, Beamer and Callie

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