Sleeping Comfortably

This morning I woke with Divinity sleeping beside me, and resting comfortably. All too often lately, Divinity stirs as her insides have become sore from her cancer. However, last night, my little lady slept in comfort, with her little head resting on her pillow.

Sleeping Comfortably


6 responses

  1. Richard, every time I read your blog I am overwhelmed with how wonderful you have been for Divinity. The first part of her life was horrible, but you have more than made up for that horrible time by giving her years of love and affection. The wonderful times and the love you have given her will be what she takes with her when she leaves. She is one lucky little lady. Thank you so much for being there for her. Please give her a hug for me.

    Marge Tschida

    • Thank you very much, Marge. I will certainly give her a hug for you.

      It’s been an honor, and a privilege to be Divinity’s dad these past five years. I do hope I’ve helped bring joy to Divinity.

      However, her adventures are not over yet! We’re resting today, and getting some much needed sleep, at least dad is; but stay tuned until tomorrow…

  2. Every dog should be so lucky to be showered with the enormous love you’ve given Divinity. Your devotion to her is inspiring.

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