A drive in the countryside

As Divinity was feeling well, we took the opportunity to go for a nice drive, to see the countryside. Divinity enjoyed the scenery, and spent the entire trip looking out the window; safely secured in her car seat.

Ride in the Country

After spending her first nine years in a cage, Divinity truly appreciates being outdoors, and enjoying the countryside.

From our first camping adventure at the Turtle River State Park in North Dakota, to our annual Mid-Winter, Indoor Camping Trips, Divinity’s enjoyed each adventure.

Ride in the Country

I have made two movies of my little lady enjoying her ride.

A Ride in the Countryside – Video #1


A Ride in the Countryside – Video #2

5 responses

  1. You can see on Divinity’s face how much she is enjoying this trip and how comfortable she is.
    How fortunate you both are to have found each other.
    This little girl is well loved in my household.

    Hugs to Divinity
    Barbara and all the Cairns

  2. Dear Miss D and dad,
    I have been in SF for several days and am now playing catch-up.
    Wow, have you two been busy!
    Such happy news to read about your continuing adventures! Thanks as always for videos and pictures. Miss D looks so happy and alert on her car ride. Thinking of you both.
    Fay and her jealous girls

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