Divinity enjoying a body and face rub

This video shows Divinity enjoying a nice body, and face rub. Divinity regularly enjoyed rubs, especially, face rubs. My little lady received great pleasure from these rubs.

These rubs increased to such an extent, that during this past summer, I asked Dr. Steve if this might be caused by a neurological disorder,  most likely Divinity’s dementia. Dr. Steve couldn’t say without examination, but these rubs weren’t harmful in any way, and Divinity’s cancer was certainly a more pressing issue.

Divinity shortly before her rub

Watch Divinity’s body rub movie.


4 responses

  1. What a precious video to have of your little Divinity. Richard, you are so fortunate to have this lifetime of pictures and loving memories of your little lady.


  2. Thank you, Barbara.

    There are a few more video’s, and some photo’s left to publish. There are also a couple of special posts in the wings.

  3. I hope you are doing ok, Richard. I know this is such a deep hurt, losing your little Dignity. I am sure that she and Gina are running free together at the Rainbow Bridge. They are now our guardian angels. I too, am missing my Gina as Inam sure you are missing your Divinity. You are still in my thoughts and prayers. Thank heaven for our wonderful pictures and memories. Hugs and good thoughts coming your way.

    Joan Nicolay, mom to Millie, Beaker, Callie and my angel Gina

    • I’m OK Joan, although I sure wish my little lady was still with me.

      I’ve had surprises, and requests in the past ten days. I’ll be posting about these when it’s appropriate.

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