Divinity with her pal, Jim

The night before Divinity was euthanized, I took her next door to have one last visit with our landlords, Jim & Dianne. Several years ago, I had lung surgery, and Jim & Dianne took care of my little lady for the week I was in hospital.

Divinity & Jim

Now Divinity liked Dianne, but for reasons she kept to herself, Jim was extra special. Most likely this was due to Jim’s making a special effort to walk over, say hello to Divinity, and give her a nice scratch whenever he saw her.

Jim was also the person who took Divinity for her horseback ride.
Divinity goes for a horseback ride

Divinity enjoyed checking out stuff in any open garage, and Jim always welcomed her to explore his workshop.
Divinity’s Garage


4 responses

  1. Richard, I don’t remember the GARAGE BLOG . . . I LOVED THIS, and my kids are the same way with George’s shop in the back of the house. The only thing is George has leather reclining chairs, a TV, microwave to make and share popcorn, a refrigerator [YOU DO NEED COLD WATER for the kids that George gives them out of large red plastic cups even though he has many water bowls in there as well.
    YES there should have been Divinity’s Garage picked up by a network .

    • My little lady was a joy to watch.

      Divinity wanted to see, and experience as much in life as she could, and I did my best to help her do just that.

      PS: You might enjoy going back to the first post, and reading the entire blog again.

  2. Richard, thanks for sharing special memories of your girl. I know you are missing her, lots.
    I do too, strange as that might seem from miles away. Your wonderful stories and pictures made her one of the crew.
    From Fay and her girls

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