Blog followers request additional posts

Several followers of Divinity’s blog have contacted me, and requested I continue publishing posts beyond what I had initially envisioned following Divinity’s death.

Several of the requested subjects included:

* Dealing with a dying pet

* What prompted the decision to schedule Divinity’s euthanization?

* Coping with Divinity’s loss

* What personal effects of hers do I intend to keep?

* Which items will I give away?

People have also informed me they use Divinity’s blog as a reference tool. After careful thought, I have decided to publish additional posts.

*** Please note: Posts published after this one, will not be in chronological order. ***

Some suggestions will most likely require multiple posts. Such as “How did I cope watching Divinity dying.”  That is a sensitive subject, and requires a lengthy discussion. Very few people like reading long pages on the Internet, as such, that specific subject will certainly be spread over multiple posts.

One blog subscriber wrote the following:

“… I passed on so much information to others on aging dogs that you posted, and even though I KNOW your intent is only to post a few more posts on your little lady, PLEASE consider keeping your blog up, maybe posting monthly because I ALSO GET how much time these take, and maybe do updates on what you are doing now and perhaps add other sections on grief which is very real with everyone who looses a loved dog. This is one thing I am so proud of in CP, the fact we can post that we lost a furry family member and we ALL GET IT, but too many people who don’t do volunteer work have no one to share with. I hear or read comments all the time about someone who has their pet die, and those they work with or friends, neighbors or family sympathize with them and then they just simply DON’T GET it a week later when reality hit and we are still suffering  . . . it’s not unusual to have others say BUT THEY DIED A MONTH AGO! Like grief ends in a month.”

Note: Col. Potter (CP) is the Cairn Terrier rescue I adopted Divinity from, and who rescued her from a puppy-mill in November, 2008.


4 responses

  1. Richard, I am SO PLEASED that you will be doing this. WE ALL MISS SO MUCH your Little Lady and can imagine your loss only.

    • Some posts I envision will be easy to write. However, there are other posts that will be quite difficult for me, and these will most likely be published in short “chapters,” as that’s all I’ll be able to deal with at one time.

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