Divinity donates clothing to Col. Potter foster Cairns

Divinity donated three pieces of warm clothing to be used by Cairn terriers rescued, and fostered by the Col. Potter Cairn Terrier rescue organization.

It was Col. Potter volunteers that rescued Divinity, along with eleven other Cairn terriers, as well as twenty plus Bassett Hounds in late November, 2008 from a puppy-mill in Southern Missouri.

Danielle, the founder of the Col Potter rescue stated that this clothing will stay with the rescue. After a foster dog(s) using this clothing is adopted, the clothing will then be given to another foster Cairn. Divinity’s clothing will be passed on from one needy Cairn to the next.

Divinity would be pleased knowing her clothing will bring warmth to Cairns in need.

Now Divinity did not like cold, but this clothing made cold rain, and even Minnesota winters  bearable for my little lady.

The following are photo’s of Divinity wearing each of these items of clothing.


Winter Mini-Blanket

Winter Suit with Bonnet


4 responses

  1. I cannot think of a better tribute to Divinity than donating her beloved belongings to Col. Potter Rescue and giving another little Cairn the helping hand she was given.
    I know it must be difficult to part with Divinity’s belongings but she is very proud of you for doing so.
    Barbara Nielsen, and Cairns, Abbey, Belle, Wilson and Lucy

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