Divinity enjoying a nice ride

Today, it is exactly one month since my Divinity was euthanized. While I certainly do not want to celebrate Divinity’s death, I do want to share her joy of life. Therefore, here are two pictures of Divinity enjoying one of her last rides. Going for a ride, was one of Divinity’s greatest pleasures.

2nd to last ride

Divinity’s cancer was in an advanced stage at this point. As such, she was quite tired, and rested her head on her seat during this trip. However, my little lady did perk up for a short while, and she really enjoyed looking at the scenery of the countryside.

2nd to last ride

Watch the video of Divinity enjoying her ride.


4 responses

  1. Even at this point you can see how much Divinity enjoyed her rides, so enjoying gazing about.
    Even though I never met Divinity I feel I came to know her so well through her blog and endearing
    I know we all miss her very much.
    Take care Richard.


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