Divinity’s Urn

Divinity’s urn has arrived. This urn was made for me by Carol, at Pet Hair Pottery. Previously, Carol made a dog tag neckless for me out of pottery, and Divinity’s hair.

Carol is not only a very talented potter, she is also very thoughtful. Carol was one of the very few people who knew the scheduled date of Divinity’s euthanization. Carol kindly emailed, so that when I left Dr. Steve’s office that fateful day, her condolences were waiting for me. I will never forgot Carol’s kindness.

The last two photo’s were taken by Carol, and include a “Fur Capsule” that is attached to cord placed between the lid, and the jar. This capsule contains strands of hair from Miss Divinity.

Should you decide to order an urn, or other items from Carol, please email her first to be certain she is currently taking orders. Don’t forgot to tell Carol, that Divinity sent you.

Note: If you look carefully, you can see the outline of a small dog, with short legs.

After emailing Carol to inform her of the existence of this image, Carol replied stating “Oh my Gosh!!! That is really unbelievable!!! I am stunned! That has happened twice now with your work!”

Divinity's Urn

Urn without cover


Urn with cover

Urn with cover


Urn in B&W

Urn in B&W


Urn with fur capsule

Urn with fur capsule


Closeup of Fur Capsule

Closeup of Fur Capsule

7 responses

  1. What beautiful work, and Richard, it looks as though Miss Divinity has not left you as you most definitely see her outline and eyes on the urn. Truly amazing.


  2. Speechless…. she does live in your heart but a part of her is frolicking at the Bridge, healthy, joyous and free, well loved and cared for by our ‘Keepers of the Clan’. She knows your scent and when it’s your turn to join her, she will run and leap into your arms and you go on forever into Heaven. Love never fails, it is forever.

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