In late November of 2008, volunteers from a pet rescue, transported Divinity, and 11 other Cairn Terriers, as well as 22 Bassett Hounds, from a puppy-mill located in Southern Missouri to freedom. Divinity had spent the first 9-years of her life in a puppy-mill.

Unfortunately, there are more than 3,000 puppy-mills located in Missouri alone. Countless dogs suffer untold horrors, having one litter after another, until they are used up, and discarded.

Quite by accident, I discovered that Divinity had a microchip implanted by her puppy-mill. This chip was unregistered, but the microchip manufacturer kindly provided the name of the supply firm who sold this chip to the mill. This supply firm is located in Southern Missouri, this is the same area Divinity’s puppy-mill was located.

The next four links are to articles on puppy-mills in Missouri

* Missouri, the Puppy Mill State

* Missouri’s Dirty Dozen: Most of the worst puppy mills in Missouri are still licensed (2011)

* HSUS Releases Update on Missouri’s Worst Puppy Mills

* Puppy Mill FAQ


Each of the following images, are pictures of puppy-mills that are located in Missouri.

Note: These pictures are no where near the worst I have seen. However, they certainly reflect the horrific conditions in which puppy-mill dogs live.

Rescue from a Missouri Puppy Mill

Unknown Rescue from a Missouri Puppy Mill

Missouri Puppy MillMissouri Puppy MillMissouri Puppy MillMissouri Puppy MillMissouri Puppy MillMissouri Puppy Mill Auction Block


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  1. I have worked Rescue for a good many years and a friend who is retired from his job in Parliament and I were successful in rallying many rescue groups here in Canada and taking our petition against puppymills to our Provincial Parliament where it was presented by an MPP sympathetic to our cause.

    While we did not get all we asked for, some concessions were made.

    These are horrific places these poor dogs are forced to live in. Keep up the fight!!


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