Divinity’s last ride

Today, it is exactly two months since Divinity was euthanized. As I did on this date last month, I want to celebrate Divinity’s joy of life with another video.

Note: The photo of Divinity in this post was taken five years ago during our first camping trip to Canada.

Drive-thru Diva


Divinity loved life, and her joy of the outdoors, and going for rides continued through her final hours.

This video is the last movie I made of Divinity, and was filmed while we were on our way to Kivisto Vet Clinic, where Dr. Steve would perform the final act.

Watch the video of Divinity enjoying her final ride.


4 responses

  1. What a remarkable little dog. You can see the joy she has for her rides and the abundant love she has for her Dad as she glances over at him. I heard within the last few days that when someone passes they zoom into the soul that loved them most, so Divinity is very close to you.


  2. Richard, I always love your and Divinity’s blog. I just watched the snow plow video again, one of my favorites. What a lucky little girl.

    • Today, we are having our first snow storm of the season. I’ll sure miss my little lady inspecting my work, as I plow this winter.

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