Stollen – Rest in Peace

Divinity was rescued along with eleven other Cairn Terrier’s in late November, 2008. This group was affectionately called, the 12-Holiday Confections.

Shortly after Divinity came into my life, I learned about this group, and that one of them had been very sick, and died not long after being rescued. Recently, I learned this poor Cairn was named Stollen, and that she died on January 21, 2009. Stollen had lived just two months in freedom.


Out of the 12-Holiday Confections, the three I know of that have passed, are Tink, Divinity, and Stollen. I’ve posted about Tink, and certainly about Divinity, however, I wanted to write a post to acknowledge Stollen. I will publish posts on the remaining Holiday Confections as I learn of their passing.

Please read Stollen’s Memorial page by clicking HERE.

UPDATE: There is a remembrance quilt being made for Cairn Terriers rescued by the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue, but how have unfortunately, passed on. Stollen is a part of this quilt, and her Paw Print square is shown below.

Click the following link to read about this wonderful quilt Remembrance Quilt for Col. Potter’s Departed Cairns

Stollen's Paw Print Square

Stollen’s Paw Print Square




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