Pet Partners Remembers Miss Divinity

A very happy DivinityI saved this post for Divinity’s third month passing date, as it is a fitting remembrance of my little lady.

Occasionally, to recognize the passing of a noteworthy therapy animal, the Pet Partners therapy animal organization publishes a special notice, or call-out about their passing.


It was with Pet Partners (fka Delta Society) that Divinity & I were tested, and registered as a therapy dog team.

Having heard about Divinity’s passing, and after reviewing Divinity’s blog, Pet Partners asked me to submit a short write-up on Divinity. Pet Partners kindly published this obituary in the latest issue of their magazine, Interactions.

To view the Interactions magazine page featuring Divinity, click the following link:
Interactions – Winter 2015 – Page 16

Note: Divinity was not only a therapy dog for people, she also took it upon herself to act as a therapy dog for several injured pets. Divinity had a calming effect on nearly everyone, and everything.

Update: The Col. Potter Cairn Rescue from whom I adopted Divinity, posted a nice remembrance of my little lady on their Post Adoption Blog.

To read this post, click the following link Divinity Remembered

4 responses

  1. Richard, Divinity knew what real love is and you were the very best “Dad” to her. Thank you so much for adopting her and giving her a special place in this world (and yours). She was very, very special to many of us and I’ve always LOVED reading her Blog. Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us. I really wish you would consider adopting another. Hugs

    • Thank you, Nancy.

      Divinity was an absolute joy to have in my life. You’re right, my little lady was a very special girl.

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