WordPress review’s Divinity’s blog for 2014

Here is the WordPress annual report on Divinity’s blog. WordPress is the host for this blog.
Note: These statistics were emailed to me on December 28, 2014. Statistics on posts published after that date for 2014 are not included.

Divinity & I want to thank all of you for reading about my little lady, and we hope you’ll continue to visit Divinity’s blog.

Notes of interest, though not for just 2014:

  • Divinity’s blog has currently had people from 73-countries visit since February 25, 2012 when these statistics became available. People from 52-countries visited Divinity’s blog during 2014.
  • Sadly, the post with the most views was Miss Divinity – Rest in Peace, that was published on September 10, 2014. This was the day Divinity was euthanized due to her cancer.
  • The post on Divinity’s Urn was the another reader’s favorite.
  • Fay was the person who posted the most comments, with 47-comments for the year.

Click the following image to watch WordPress’ animated review of Divinity’s blog. Please scroll down the animated page for lots of information.
Note: Each rocket in this animation represents a post published on a specific day, on this blog during 2014.


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