Grey Muzzle Sanctuary on TalkItUp TV

Recently, I watched a video about the Grey Muzzle Rescue & Sanctuary on TalkItUp TV.

Thayne Hamilton

Now the Grey Muzzle Rescue & Sanctuary is not affiliated with the Grey Muzzle Organization, and their missions are different.

  • The Grey Muzzle Organization is based in Raleigh, NC, and is not a rescue, and does not have a shelter, or a foster care network. Instead, the Grey Muzzle Organization fund raises, and donates the money to 501c3 organizations to help them help senior dogs.
  • The Grey Muzzle Rescue & Sanctuary is based in Eastsound, WA, and is a 501c3 organization, and specializes in rescuing, and adopting unadoptable and/or severely abused, old, blind, deaf, and starved dogs. They also provides a warm, loving home with five acres where these dogs can run free, and teach them to be dogs again, and to forget all about the hurt from their past. The Grey Muzzle Rescue & Sanctuary’s Facebook page is located HERE.
From TalkItUp TV

Grey Muzzle Rescue was owned and operated for the last 10 years by Thayne and Chris Hamilton, until tragedy struck in February of this year when Chris Hamilton passed away. The rescue was different from other rescues in that they adopted 20 un-adoptable and/or severely abused Dogs over 10 years of age that didn’t have much of a chance of living much less finding love and comfort in their twilight years. They took in the worst of the worst abuse cases from all over the Nation and cared for these animals as if they were family. Grey Muzzle Rescue gives them their “Forever Home”.”

Grey Muzzle Rescue & Sanctuary

Over the past twelve years, the Grey Muzzle Rescue & Sanctuary has cared for over 40 dogs – abused, old, blind, deaf, starved, the worst of the worst abuse cases from all over the nation.

Please watch this heart warming video.


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    • The Grey Muzzle Rescue & Sanctuary does wonderful work, as do many other rescues that deal with senior pets.

      This week it was the Grey Muzzle Rescue & Sanctuary’s turn to be spotlighted.

  1. What a great and loving story. I found a dog that was a carin mix I wanted to adopt he was an adult close to senior. He had some vision problems. I have some disability issues myself. I adopted another carin mix from a local shelter and because of the disability they gave me a discount to make it affordable. I wanted to get this one out of the cages but I guess maybe another time.

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