Favorite Photo’s from our Second Year Together

It has now been seven months since my little lady was euthanized. This month I celebrate Divinity’s love of life, with some of my favorite photographs & movies taken during our second year together.

Divinity learned to run!

To read about Divinity learning to run, click HERE

Divinity running

Watch a movie of Divinity learning to run

Outdoor Camping Trips

To read about Divinity Camping, click the following links: Glacial Lakes State Park, Sibley State Park, and Moose Lake State Park.

Glacial Lakes State Park

Glacier Lakes State Park

Sibley State Park

Sibley State Park

Moose Lake State Park

Moose Lake State Park

Divinity also enjoyed Curb Walking

To read about Divinity Curb Walking, click HERE

Curb Walking

Watch the movie of Divinity curb walking

Dog World magazine cover girl

To read about Divinity being on this cover, click HERE

Dog World cover gal

Second Annual – Mid-Winter Indoor Camping Trip

To read about Divinity’s Second Annual – Mid-Winter Indoor Camping Trip, click HERE

Second Annual - Mid-Winter Indoor Camping Trip

A custom tailored winter suit

To read about Divinity’s first winter suit, click HERE

Custom Tailored Winter Suit


4 responses

  1. What a beautiful little girl. You must have many mixed emotions when viewing these .
    How lucky you are to have all these wonderful memories.


    • Thank you, Barbara.

      I miss my little lady more than I could possible describe. However, Divinity will always be with me in my heart, and in my thoughts.

      My current idea is to keep posting these monthly updates for another five months. This will complete the first year Divinity’s been gone. After that, I’ll post occasionally on Divinity, but continue posting on rescues and other topics.

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