Bella, and her Excellent Adventure

BellaThe following is Bella’s story, and is a repost from Divinity’s friends at the Grey Muzzle Organization.

Bella’s story is cool as all get out, and is a wonderful example of a senior dog’s ability to enjoy amazing adventures in their older years.

Here is Bella’s story:

Bella has had quite a year. It’s not often a dog gets to jet off to Paris and London–particularly an elderly dog—but Bella’s golden years have turned out to be just that: golden.

It began when the elderly mixed breed was surrendered by an owner who no longer wanted her. Her health was declining overall; she needed everything and she got it, when Animal Rescue of New Orleans (ARNO) saved her, lavished her with TLC, and found a new home for her.

A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization helped with heartworm treatment and dental surgery. Although they weren’t quite ready to get a dog, Rebecca and Ben, a nice couple who wanted to help the shelter, spotted Bella and agreed to foster her temporarily while she was undergoing heartworm treatment.

What they didn’t anticipate, however, was falling in love with this sweet snuggly girl so quickly. They couldn’t resist her charms and agreed to adopt her, even though they were getting ready to go abroad. Bella was friendly and adjusted easily but she was a picky eater! She only wanted people food, and she was overweight. The couple found a way to trick her by putting her food bowl on the dining table and hand feeding her. She gobbled it up!

The first three months were tough for Bella because she had to stay very calm during the heartworm treatment to prevent getting a blood clot. Normally Bella got very excited to greet people and to go on walks.

Her treatment was completed just before Ben and Rebecca left for their trip to Ethiopia and Bella went to live with her “grandparents” in Pennsylvania, where she had her dental work completed. While the couple was away the vet found a cancerous growth on her tongue that fortunately was operable. So Bella underwent another ordeal with risky surgery and came through with flying colors.

Meanwhile, Rebecca found a job in London so she and Ben made arrangements for Bella to come join them. Bella’s trip to the UK was quite an adventure. She rode in the car for hours from Pennsylvania to Washington, DC for a direct flight to Paris. From there, she took the train to Calais, where she was reunited with her parents.

They were very happy to have their healthy old dog back in their arms. The trio rode together in a car on the EuroTunnel, a train that carries cars and their passengers from Calais, France to Folkstone, UK. There, they caught another train to London and then took a bus ride to their apartment. Bella was finally home! She is now settling into life in London comfortably and has already been to Scotland for vacation.

Bella leads an enchanted life and Grey Muzzle is delighted to have helped her on her journey and give her the happy ending she deserves.

Here is Bella’s “passport”

Note: For privacy, I removed Bella’s last name, and microchip number from this picture.

Bella's "passport"

One happy family at the park, in London

Happy family at park in London


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