Favorite Posts from our Third Year Together

It has now been eight months since my little lady was euthanized. This month I celebrate Divinity’s love of life, with some of my favorite photographs & movies taken during our third year together.

Boots for Divinity

To read about Divinity’ boots, click HERE

RuffWear Boots

Camping Trip to Father Hennepin Park

To read about Divinity’s Camping Trip to Father Hennepin Park, click HERE

Divinity at the Father Hennepin State Park campground

Divinity goes for a horseback ride

To read about Divinity going for a horseback ride, click HERE

My landlord giving Miss Divinity a ride on Odie

Divinity’s Garage

To read about Divinity’s Garage, click HERE

Divinity exploring a garage

Divinity gets a pair of Doggles

To read about Divinity getting a pair of Doggles, click HERE

Divinity wearing her Doggles

Lunch Thief

To read about how Divinity learned to be a Lunch Thief, click HERE

Looking at dad

Sleepy-time for Divinity

To read about Divinity’s Sleepy-Time, click HERE

Sleepy smile

The Third Annual – Mid-Winter, Indoor Camping Trip

To read about Divinity’s Third Annual – Mid-Winter, Indoor Camping Trip, click HERE

Indoor Camping Trip


2 responses

  1. I always find Divinity’s pictures and stories very enjoyable and am sure everyone else does to.
    I feel Divinity has been very inspirational in the rescue community and her story will never end so keep all her information coming Richard.


    • Thank you for telling me this, Barbara. It’s good to know people appreciate these posts.

      I plan on running the monthly “death-day” posts celebrating Divinity’s love for life until the one year anniversary of her death. After that, the death-day posts will stop.

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