Shortbread – Rest in Peace

Divinity was rescued along with eleven other Cairn Terrier’s in late November, 2008. This group was affectionately called, the 12-Holiday Confections.

One of these rescued Cairn’s was named Shortbread, and he was about 3-5 years old at time of rescue. Sadly, I’ve learned that Shortbread went to the Rainbow Bridge only a short while after his adoption.


Shortbread 12/1/2004 – 2009


Update: A Paw Print for Shortbread was able to be included in the Col. Potter Remembrance Quilt.

Shortbread's Paw Print


5 responses

  1. On the positive side, Divinity had familiar little faces waiting for her when she crossed the Bridge.
    They were all so fortunate to know love and kindness after being rescued from that hell hole.
    Every time I see Divinity’s picture it tugs at my heart.


    • Divinity was the forth to go out of the 12 Cairns that were rescued from that mill that day. I’ll publish a specific post about each of the remaining eight, as I learn of their passing.

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