Remembrance Quilt for Col. Potter’s Departed Cairns

Divinity's Paw Print Square

Lynne, a member of the Col. Potter Post-Adoption forum is making a quilt as a remembrance for the Cairns that Col. Potter has saved, but who unfortunately, are no longer with us. Lynne said, “It’s for the little Cairns that have gone to the bridge.”

This quilt has squares with a “Paw Prints” design for each Cairn, with their name embroidered in the square. These squares will be 5×5 inches, with a total of 48-squares.

The first square will be one that says, “Cairn’s leave paw prints on our hearts.” The last square in the quilt will have “Col. Potter Cairn Rescue” embroidered on it. These squares are all embroidered paw print appliqués with the departed Cairn’s names on them.

Initially, Lynne estimated the quilt would be around 50″x70″, or lap size. However, the response for names of departed Cairns was so great, that Lynne increased the size from 35 to 48 squares.

Note: After receiving names of departed Cairns from foster parents & adopters, Lynne realized that there is a need for more than one quilt.

Col. Potter volunteers rescued Divinity in November 2008, along with 11 other Cairn Terriers. This group was affectionately called the “12 Holiday Confections.” Among the 12, there are currently four that I know of, that have left for the bridge (Divinity, Stollen, Tink, and Shortbread).

Previously, I have written on the rescue of these 12 Cairn Terriers, and have published specific posts on Tink, Stollen, and Shortbread.

Note: To read more about the “12 Holiday Confections,” click the following links.

* Shortbread – Rest in Peace

* Stollen – Rest in Peace

* Tink, Divinity, and the rescue of the 12 Holiday Confections

* An update on Tink, Divinity, and the rescue of the 12 Holiday Confections

* Tink – Rest in Peace

The following image shows ten nearly completed Paw Print Squares for this quilt.

RIP Quilt Square

Update: Here is a photograph of the completed top half of the quilt. Click on the image to view this photo full size.

Completed Remembrance Quilt

Completed Remembrance Quilt


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