Favorite Posts from our Fifth Year Together

It has now been ten months since my little lady was euthanized. This month I celebrate Divinity’s love of life, with some of my favorite photographs & movies taken during our fifth year together.

A new pair of shoes

To read about Divinity’s new shoes, click HERE

New Shoes

Divinity’s Farm

To read about Divinity’s Farm, click HERE

Divinity's Farm

Divinity’s blog – Finalist for a Petties Award

To read about Divinity’s blog becoming a Finalist for a Petties Award, click HERE

Petties Award

A weekend drive in the country

To read about Divinity’s weekend drive in the country, click HERE

A weekend drive in the country

Divinity in the morning mist

To read about Divinity in the Morning Mist, click HERE

Divinity in the Morning Mist

Can you spot Miss Divinity?

To read about spotting Divinity, click HERE

Find Divinity

 Watch the movie and see if you can spot Divinity
Two Friends

To read about Divinity & Ghost, click HERE

Miss Divinity & her friend Ghost

A new winter outfit

To read about Divinity’s new winter outfit, click HERE

New Winter Suit

Winter Bonnet

To read about Divinity Winter Bonnet, click HERE

Winter Bonnet

Happy Birthday, Divinity!

To read about Divinity’s 14th Birthday, click HERE

Happy 14th Birthday!

Snowplow Supervisor

To read about Divinity becoming a Snowplow Supervisor, click HERE

Snow Plow Supervisor

Watch Divinity supervising dad’s work


Miss Divinity’s “Fashion Collection”

To read about Divinity’s Fashion Collection, click HERE

Raincoat from Foggy Mountain Dog Coats

The Fifth Annual – Mid-Winter, Indoor Camping Trip

To read about Divinity’s Fifth Annual – Mid-Winter, Indoor Camping Trip, click HERE

The 5th Mid-Winter Indoor Camping Trip

 Senior Citizen Discounts?

To read about Divinity campaigning for Discounts for Senior Pets, click HERE

Senior Discounts for Dogs

The walk in the park for Spring

To read about Divinity taking a walk in the park in early Spring, click HERE

Spring Walk in the Park

 Watch Divinity’s walk in the park in early Spring


Down by the Lake

To read about Divinity’s trip to a nice lake, click HERE

Down by the Lake

Watch Divinity by the lake

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