Favorite Posts from our final months together

With this post I celebrate Divinity’s love of life with some of my favorite photographs & movies taken during our last four months together. This is a long post as we were quite active during her last months. I knew Divinity’s time was limited, and I wanted my little lady to experience as much as possible before the end.

The following picture is of Divinity cuddling with the toy that she received from her Auntie Danielle. Divinity stopped playing with toys as she aged, however, she was very attached to this particular toy.

Cuddling with her Toy

Divinity meets with her Home Inspector

To read about Divinity meeting with her Home Inspector, click HERE

Patti visits Divinity

June walk in the park

To read about Divinity. June Walk in the Park, click HERE

June walk in the Park

Watch Divinity enjoying her June walk
A trip to the St. Croix River

To read about Divinity’s trip to the St Croix River, click HERE

Divinity at the St. Croix River Overlook

Watch Divinity enjoying her ride to the St Croix River
A nice walk through a small park

To read about Divinity’s nice walk in the small park, click HERE

Walk in a Small Park
Watch Divinity during her walk in the park
Divinity has a Very Good Day at the Park!

To read about Divinity at the John Anderson Memorial Park, click HERE

John Anderson Memorial Park

Watch Divinity at the John Anderson Memorial Park


Our Last Indoor-Camping Trip

To read about Divinity’s last indoor camping trip, click HERE

The Last Camping Trip

A Nice Walk by a Lake

To read about Divinity’s walk by the lake, click HERE

John Anderson Park

Watch Divinity enjoying a Nice Walk by a Lake


A drive in the Countryside

To read about Divinity going for a Drive in the Country, click HERE

Ride in the Country

Watch Divinity’s Drive in the Country


A nice walk on a warm day

To read about Divinity’s warm day walk, click HERE
A Summers Day Walk

Watch a movie of Divinity’s walk

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