Weebles: The story of a very old Cairn

In late November 2013, I published a post about an elderly Cairn named Weebles who was celebrating his 19th birthday. Sadly, on August 3, 2015, Weebles went to the Rainbow Bridge. Weebles had lived for 20 years and 8 months.

Recently, on the Cairn Rescue Mentoring forum, Karen, who is Weebles mom, reposted a piece she wrote a few years ago about Weebles. Karen has gratefully allowed me to publish Weebles story on Divinity’s blog.

Weebles 20th Birthday

Weebles on his 20th Birthday

The story of Weebles, by Karen P.

Sixteen years ago a BEDROOM CLOSET BREEDER… (giggle) sat on the carpeted floor as her darling Tia Marie gave birth to what would be her and Dusty’s last litter. Once all the babies were born, cleaned and happily feeding Mom went to bed.

As the days went by Mom noticed that one baby kept being shoved off to the side. As it was time for the little dew claws to come off she decided to ask the vet about this.

Mr. Vet, said that it normally meant that there was something wrong with that puppy and it would be kinder to just put him to sleep. HAVE HIM TAKE A DIRT NAP??? SHE SAID WITH HORROR! I think not… clip his dew claws please. Well you are just wasting your money on that boy he replied. Just do it.

In a huff Mom paid and left.

When she got home she fumed until Daddy arrived. Regaling him with the AWFUL things the EVIL vet said. Dad said they would just show him he was wrong. Not really happy but willing to prove the STUPID MAN wrong Mom took the little fellow and dripped formula into his throat. He was too weak to suck on his Mommies nippy jugs.

As the days went by the babies all grew and played and delighted their HUMAN PARENTS. The little one’s head wobbled from side to side like the little dog in car dashboards. He was just so cute. He had learned to eat by planting his feet wide and leaning into a corner for balance. Going outside he put his head on the ground and made a triangle for balance to potty. Because of his unsteady gait and bobbing head his parents named him Weebles.

It was time for the babies first shots. So off to the vets they all went. MR. DUMB VET… commented on Weebles head bobbing. He stated that there was no need to give him shots he needed to be put to sleep as he would not live to see six months!

RIGHT THEN AND THERE… MOM gathered up the babies and LEFT.

She went home and called around until she found WONDERFUL DR. ELIZABETH! Off she went the next day with the babies once again. When Dr. Elizabeth say the bobbing head she asked how he was doing! His PROUD MOM, told of his learning to balance in a corner to eat! Of his learning to stand in a tripod to potty. Of his love of life and happy little disposition!

Dr. Elizabeth said it was really a miracle he had lasted this long… but if we were committed she would do her best to help us. He had what was then a little known genetic deformity known as CEREBRAL ATAXIA. It normally meant at most 6 months of life and few made it that far.
I said, I did not believe he was going to die in six months. He was a healthy little man who wobbled. So Dr. Elizabeth said we would find out more!

As he grew she told other vets about him. He went to a few lectures with his BELOVED DR. ELIZABETH and the world began to learn that CONGENITAL CEREBRAL ATAXIA was different from late onset Cerebral Ataxia. If a human was willing to help the little ones they would live! They may not be show dogs, but they would be happy ones.

Tia and Dusty were both retired as parents and fixed. We sure didn’t want any more little Weebles. But OMG we loved so much the one we had.

Weebles - 20 years young

Weebles – 20 years young



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