Divinity’s One-Year Death Anniversary

It is now exactly one year since Divinity was euthanized.

I wanted to post the last photograph taken of us the night before my little lady died. Also included here is a link to my condolence post I wrote last year where I thanked everyone for their blog visits, wonderful comments, and the private emails, and letters after Divinity was gone.

To read the post on my Heartfelt Appreciation for your Condolences, click HERE.

Divinity & her Dad

This concludes my monthly “death-day” posts. There are some unpublished pictures of Divinity I want to share, and there might be a few movies as well. In addition to the photo’s & movies, I’ll continue to publish posts on senior dogs, blind dogs, rescues, and health topics as I’ve posted in the past.


2 responses

  1. Hi Richard
    I knew this day was approaching. It has been a long and difficult year for you without Divinity but I am sure her spirit is still by your side. She is a much loved little girl and I have enjoyed reading every post you have shared and hope that from time to time you will post more on Divinity.
    Glad to see you are being an advocate for senior and rescue dogs as they are also dear to my heart.
    I look forward to continuing reading your posts.


    • Thank you, Barbara.

      There is not a day that passes that I don’t talk to Divinity. I still make her a plate every time I have something nice to eat.


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