Camping with Dogs

Fall is nearly here and there is still time to take your dog camping!

Why go through the heartache of leaving your dog in a kennel, or with a friend when you go away – when you could go together?

Camping Essentials (Look Closely!)

Camping Essentials (Look Closely!)


A Camping With Dogs Instagram account was started by dog- owner Ryan Carter. Camping With Dogs shows dogs swimming in lakes, and cuddling by fires. This site shows man’s best friend spending quality time with owners

A toasty pooch

A toasty pooch


Instead of dogs being left behind, these Instagram pictures show dogs and humans having the time of their lives together on spectacular camping trips.

Don't forget the tasty dinners

Don’t forget the tasty dinners


Note: As readers of this blog know, Divinity loved camping trips whether they were outdoors or inside.

Divinity’s Camping Trips

Note: Please click the following links to read about some of Divinity’s camping trips.


Manitoba, Canada
* Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Ontario, Canada
* Thunder Bay

United States

North Dakota
* Turtle River State Park, Arvilla, North Dakota

* Glacial Lakes State Park, Starbuck, MN

* Moose Lake State Park, Moose Lake, MN

* Sibley State Park, New London, MN

Time for a Nap

Time for a Nap


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