A Retirement Home For Unwanted Senior Pets

If you think that it’s only humans who have retirement homes, think again. Dogs have retirement homes too. And if you’re wondering what life is like in a dog’s retirement home, then read on and watch the video below.

The number of dogs living at this “Senior Center” varies, but an average of two dozen at a time are spending their golden years under the care of Sher Polvinale and her team of volunteers. House with a Heart spares no expense to care for the special needs of each dog, from feeding and grooming to medications and vet visits. Donations make it possible for them to provide for the canine residents.

Each animal at this center has unique challenges. Several can’t walk unassisted and have wheeled devices that allow them to move around or even get outside to enjoy the yard. Some suffer from conditions like diabetes or heart disease. Without exception, each dog gets the proper medication to control pain or help their specific condition, and a big part of the care includes individual attention and plenty of snuggles.

H/T: iHeartDogs and Nicolette Mansueto



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