Children read books to Shelter Dogs

A Happy post to end the year…

Therapy Dogs have a R.E.A.D. Program. Well now the Humane Society of Missouri has started a Shelter Buddies Reading Program where children visit the shelter and read to the shelter dogs.

Reading to Shelter Dogs

A Shelter Dog enjoying someone reading to him.


A handful of members of Club HOPE, the Humane Society of Missouri‘s after-school club for elementary school students, helped make a difference in the lives of shelter dogs on Dec. 12 by spending an afternoon reading them books — an activity which helps socialize the dogs and prepare them for adoption. Shelter Buddies is an initiative which gets children to read books to dogs.

The Humane Society explains: ‘through this program, we aim to make dogs happier and get them adopted faster. They will also get lots of walks, treats and love today!’

“Our shy dogs learn to relax around new people and our high energy dogs learn that calm behavior is desirable,” says Kathy Warnick, president of the Humane Society of Missouri. “In addition, the program allows the kids to improve their reading skills by offering an easy and attentive, not to mention adorable, listening audience.”

H/T: Metro UK and PeoplePets

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