Abandoned Deaf Cairn finds FOREVER Home

Previously, I’ve posted on senior dogs, blind dogs, and handicapped dogs. The focus of this post is on a dog who is partially deaf.

Left in a park, tied to a bench with a note, “Moving, can’t take dog.”

Sir Buster

Sir Buster enjoying the outdoors


Thought to be 8-10 years old, partially deaf, almost blind with cataracts, and afraid of the dark.

The Col. Potter Cairn Rescue brought this special Cairn into their network. Read on to find out what happened next.

He is named after Buster, a distinguished RAF bomb and explosives sniffer dog, who saved over a thousand lives during his 5-tours of duty in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He sniffed out bombs and booby traps and gave advanced warning of suicide bombers and hidden IEDs (improvised explosive devices).

Abbie & Gem telling their Mom they want to keep Sir Buster

Abbie & Gem telling their Mom they want to keep Sir Buster


Sir Buster was fostered in a home that already had two Cairn Terriers. However, the original Cairns wanted to keep this sweet gentleman. Yes, Sir Buster’s Foster Family could not let this little guy go, so they adopted him themselves!

Sir Buster’s Mom stated: “Some of his hearing has returned. He can now hear Abbie and Gem when they bark. He joins in with the barking, but has no idea what he’s barking at. He doesn’t hear human voices, or the front door when someone goes in or out. His sight is not as bad as we were first told. He can see squirrels a block away.”

“For a little dog that nobody wanted, abandoning him on a park bench, he is truly loved in our home. He gives us so much joy and he keeps “the girls” in line.”

Sir Buster with his fur-sisters

Sir Buster with his fur-sisters


It’s such a joy to see unwanted pets (old, handicapped, deaf, or blind) end up with someone who truly appreciates them. How these unwanted little ones blossom with a bit of love and care!

A Very Happy Sir Buster

A Very Happy Sir Buster


For information on deaf dogs, visit the Deaf Dog Education Action Fund website

Here is a wonderful video of Sir Buster enjoying a toy at his new home


4 responses

  1. God Bless Sir Buster’s Foster Family for adopting him. I had heard about a Cairn tied to a park bench with a note, “Moving, can’t take dog.” When will people learn adopting a dog is a LONG-TERM COMMITMENT. You can’t just sit them out by the curb like an old futon and forget about them. They are FAMILY, the same as your children. Thank God Col. Potter took Sir Buster in.

    There are more heart-wrenching stories at Col. Potter’s home page, CairnRescue.com.

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