Therapy dog helps nervous travelers at Minneapolis Airport

Divinity’s “DogMother” and her Cairn Terrier who is a therapy dog, were featured on the news at the Minneapolis Airport!

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is helping to calm travelers with the help of our four-legged friends. The airport launched the Animal Ambassador program over the past year, allowing travelers to interact with therapy dogs.

Patti Anderson and her 10-year-old Cairn Terrier, Ballad, were lifting spirits in Terminal One Wednesday.

Note: Patti was the Home Inspector for the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue when I adopted Divinity. Patti was also the Pet Partners evaluator when Divinity took her therapy dog test.

Patti (on left) & Ballard greet traveler at the airport

Patti (on left) & Ballard greet traveler at the airport


“Our job is to decrease stress in people,” says Anderson. “It’s very solid research that petting, not only a dog, but warm blooded fur-coated animals reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.”

H/T: KARE 11 News

Anderson says her favorite part about volunteering at the airport is seeing all the smiles.

“When you have the dog, there’s all these smiles and it releases endorphins,” she says. “It’s a gift that keeps giving and I’m really happy and excited to be part of the start of that gift.”

There are about 20 different pets filling various shifts right now at the airport.

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