Senior sanctuary dog finds a girlfriend

An elderly hound, living as a permanent resident in a senior pet sanctuary has found a Best Friend Forever in an elderly water dog; each providing emotional support to the other.

Logan, who is age 15, is a sweet hound that came to HWAH when he was nine-years-plus, after spending most of his life in horrific conditions in the hills of Appalachia. But despite years of the abuse and neglect. Logan is a gentle old guy who gets on well with people, cats, and other dogs, especially his BFF, Jenny. He loves to snooze in the big dog room when he’s not outside playing with his friends or walking around the neighborhood with one of his special volunteers.




Jenny, who is age 12, is a beautiful Portuguese Water Dog rescued from a hoarding situation. She had been placed in two foster homes that were unable to rehabilitate a dog that had emotionally shut down. Since coming to the Sanctuary, Jenny has slowly made progress and now can walk on a leash, especially when joined by her BFF Logan.




House with a Heart


Jenny walking with Logan, her BFF

Jenny walking with Logan, her BFF

Logan’s video


Jenny’s video



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