Senior dogs visit local Wisconsin Veterans Home

Many have a special spot in their hearts for hounds, and one Eau Claire, Wisconsin non-profit is using that bond to give back to the community by pairing senior citizens with senior dogs.

One senior hugs another senior

One senior hugs another senior


Katie and Gary Vorce have volunteered with Bob’s House for Dogs for six years. Once a month the couple take dogs from Bob’s House to visit seniors at the Wisconsin Veterans Home at Chippewa Falls.

Note: this is a repost from KQOW TV News

“It’s an incredible thing to do to give back to the veterans. Being a veteran myself I know it means a tremendous amount to the folks at the home here,” Gary said.

Katie said, “This maybe where we are someday and hopefully somebody will bring these loving dogs to see us when we’re here,”

The Wisconsin Veterans Home is one of 19 facilities Bob’s House visits on a monthly basis. “We’ve had some that maybe haven’t spoken that start to speak, or haven’t really communicated at all with anybody or anything. And they do, they start petting and talking to the dogs,” Katie said.

The sweet pups bring a twinkle to the eye and spark memories of pets past. “I think the senior dogs are especially great at this because they have that calm demeanor,” said Amy Quella from Bob’s House for Dogs.

Senior dogs on the lap of a Senior Resident

Senior dogs on the lap of a Senior Resident


When Bob’s House first started taking dogs to senior living home six years ago, they served about six facilities. They now have 19 on the list and do about five different visits to various homes each week.



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