Transformation of homeless dog found living in pile of trash

A homeless dog was found living in a pile of trash; she accepted help from Hope for Paws rescue. Now one year later, look at her amazing transformation!

Miley - at rescue and one year later

Miley – at time of rescue and one year later


Photo Credit: Hope for Paws

Hope for Paws is an organization dedicated to rescuing stray dogs and animals suffering on the streets and rehabilitating them so that they can find a forever home. They make videos of their rescues that show the progress of the animals and the amazing transformations they undergo, and oftentimes the videos are emotional as you first see the dog struggling and watch them get better.

Note: This is the second post I’ve published on this wonderful organization. Previously, I featured Hope for Paws in a post about A homeless dog living on railroad tracks gets rescued. 

Hope for Paws received an urgent call about a sick dog living in a trash pile. The stray, who they later named Miley, had been surviving for months living on this pile of trash while developing skin infections and parasites. Luckily for her, Hope for Paws was determined to help her reclaim her healthy life and find her forever home.

To read the rest of Mily’s rescue story, click the following link: Homeless Dog Living In Trash Pile Accepts Help

Watch the following video to see Miley accept help as a sick stray and develop into a strong, nurturing dog!


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