The Col. Potter Cairn Rescue receives a donation from Miss Divinity

I’ve made a memorial donation in Miss Divinity’s name to the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue. I adopted Divinity from the Col. Potter rescue in May, 2009. Unfortunately, it was two years ago today that Miss Divinity died from cancer.

At the time I did not know it, but adopting this 9-1/2 year old, 17-pound Cairn Terrier would change my life forever.

Divinity & Dad - our first meeting

Divinity & Dad – our first meeting


Please consider making a donation to a senior rescue, and think about adopting one of these seniors, or maybe a younger dog in need. You’ll never regret it.

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue - 4,166 Rescues

Interactive Map of Senior Dog Rescues, Sanctuaries and Special Programs

Note: This map is presented with kind permission from Senior Pups

Click the “Brackets” on the right-side in the Map Header below to view the full-size map


One response

  1. What a sad anniversary but also filled with happiness that you were able to share Divinitiy’s life. How I miss reading all her adventures.
    I adopted two little bonded seniors almost three years ago to join our clan and I say to anyone considering it just do it. They are a delight.

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