Cold weather safety for pets

Nikki and everyone’s favorite, Brutus, from Bob’s House for Dogs are giving some great tips for this frigid weather!

Baby its cold outside and while many of us wish we could just sit inside with our furry friend, the truth is our pets and us have to go outside at some point.

From WEAU TV: Nikki Ristau of Bob’s House for Dogs joined Hello Wisconsin with safety advice for our pets against the bitter cold.

She explained that there are common misconceptions that dogs are not affected by colder temperatures. But they can be more susceptible depending on the breed and body type.

Dogs especially can experience frostbite and hypothermia on their ears, pads of feet and respiratory tract. Pet owners can notice these signs if their dog starts to move slowly, shivers, stops moving, and acts lethargic.

It’s important to note no dogs should stay out in below freezing temperatures. Therefore, owners should skip the walk on bitter cold days. However for comfort in colder weather, there are a few options to help our pets. These include an off ground bed, booties, sweaters, and don’t over bathe. The skin of dogs can become dry.

Dangers to watch for include ice and salt, because pets often lick their paws which then goes into their digestive system.

  • Bob’s House for Dogs – Website



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