Gordee – Rest in Peace

Gordee1998 to September 23, 2016

This is a bereavement post about the passing of Gordee, who was Divinity’s foster-home brother. Gordee helped teach Divinity to learn about being a dog in freedom.

Gordee came into the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network late in 2005 at the approximate age of seven. Gordee was found as a stray in Iowa and released to Col Potter. Gordee’s foster mom was Marge, the same person who fostered Divinity. Marge fostered Gordee, fell for him and adopted him.

Gordee was a very vocal guy, he would look out the window and howl. Gordee loved to play fetch with a ball and would have done so for hours if someone was willing to keep throwing the ball. Gordee’s favorite spot was on top of the sofa were he could see what was happening all around him.

Gordee passed from this world in his own home in him mom’s arms on 9/23/2016 at the approximate age of 18-years from cancer. Even though he came to his mom with some baggage, she loved him dearly, and will miss him terribly


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