Senior Sunday – Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary


This weeks Senior Sunday post focus’ on Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary in Phoenix, Az

Rusty's Angles

From the Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary website

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a safe and caring environment for senior and special needs canines. Through rescue, foster, adoption, education and hospice; we create secure nurturing homes for them to live out their twilight years.

Our goal is to rescue senior and special needs canines who have been displaced from their homes. We then foster these animals until they are well enough to go to a new forever home.

Note: Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary provides unconditional love until the very end.


Seniors have a lot to offer, we just need to be willing to watch, listen, and learn… (Divinity’s Dad, 2012)

Note: Please share this post on your social media so that others can learn about these wonderful senior dogs. It’s the only way to spread the word about these seniors who need homes.


Here are some, but not all of the senior dogs currently available for adoption from Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary.




Ralph is a 12-year old Dachshund. If you are interested in making Ralph a part of your family, please fill out our adoption application or contact us for more information.

To learn more about Ralph, click the link to his Rusty’s Angels SanctuaryAdoption page


Snow White

Snow White

Hello my name is Snow White. I am a 12-year old Spitz/American Eskimo. Looks can be deceiving, I only weigh about 20 lbs. I am a very calm girl who just wants an unconditional home to retire in.

My original owners thought I was around 15-years old but the amazing people here have a hard time believing that since I have done so well. I am potty trained, crate trained, leash trained and good with cats and dogs. I love daily walks but also love just watching the birds laying in the sun. I would prefer a home that is calm where I can be someone’s companion.

To learn more about Snow White, click the link to her Rusty’s Angels SanctuaryAdoption page




Dakota is a sweet 10-year old Queensland Heeler active girl that loves dogs but especially people and her toys. She came to us very over weight and slowly with restricted diet and exercise we are getting the weight off. She recently had her exam with our vet and was given a clean bill of health so now she is looking for her new forever home.

Dakota would love a home with large dogs her size, no cats and with someone who is active and would enjoy taking her for daily walks. Dakota is kennel trained, potty trained, leash trained, never barks, loves to go in the car and is just an all around joy to be with.

To learn more about Dakota, click the link to her Rusty’s Angels SanctuaryAdoption page




Jody is a 13-year old Dachshund/Chihuahua Mix. Jody is so very loving and loves walks and playing fetch. Jody would enjoy a calm home with other dogs.

To learn more about Jody, click the link to her Rusty’s Angels SanctuaryAdoption page




Charlie is a 10-year old Chihuahua. More information coming soon.

To learn more about Charlie, click the link to his Rusty’s Angels SanctuaryAdoption page




Nubby is a 14-year old Chihuahua. Nubby is so sweet and loves walks and sitting on the back of the couch. She also loves belly rubs and giving kisses. She would love a human and doggy companion to retire with.

To learn more about Nubby, click the link to her Rusty’s Angels SanctuaryAdoption page




Bristow is the most loving boy you will ever meet and has the best manners. Bristow really loves, loves, loves people and would love a home with someone who is retired and home a lot.

Bristow wants someone who doesn’t mind me laying at their feet snoring while you watch TV but also someone who will take me for walks everyday. Bristow lived on the streets for a very long time so he wants to know that he has a safe and comfortable place to spend the rest of my life.

To learn more about Bristow, click the link to his Rusty’s Angels SanctuaryAdoption page



Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary contact links

To learn about all the dogs, that Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary has available for adoption, click the following links:

Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary Website

Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary Facebook

Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary Twitter


Interactive Map of Senior Dog Rescues, Sanctuaries and Special Programs

Note: This map is presented with kind permission from Senior Pups

Click the “Brackets” on the right-side in the Map Header below to view the full-size map


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