Senior Sunday – Tails of Gray Rescue

This weeks Senior Sunday post focus’ on the Tails of Gray Rescue in Clayton, CA.

 Tails of Gray


From the Tails of Gray Rescue website

Tails of Gray is dedicated to saving the lives of innocent senior dogs left homeless for any reason, providing quality medical care and placing them into loving, responsible and permanent homes whenever possible.

Tails of Gray saves the lives of innocent senior dogs left homeless for any reason, providing quality medical care and placing them into loving, responsible and permanent homes. It is our belief that the life of each senior dog is important. EACH ONE MATTERS.

Tails of Gray is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit rescue organization that offers a safe and loving sanctuary for senior dogs regardless of breed, health or ease of placement. Our goal is to prevent needless euthanasia through the offering of shelter, adoption, foster, hospice and education.

All Tails of Gray senior dogs are spayed and neutered, micro-chipped and receive appropriate veterinary care and treatment.

Tails of Gray welcomes the unwanted and heals the sick. Those precious senior dogs who cannot be healed will spend their final days in a comfortable environment where they experience unconditional love, some for the first time.


Seniors have a lot to offer, we just need to be willing to watch, listen, and learn… (Divinity’s Dad, 2012)

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Dog Art

Tails of Gray Rescue also sells “Paintings” made by the dogs they rescue!

To view this Senior Dog paintings, click the following link:  Tails of Gray Senior Dog Art


Here are some, but not all of the senior dogs currently available for adoption from Tails of Gray Rescue.



Kevin is a sweet little guy who was picked up as a stray. He came to us scared of his own shadow but now the clown in him has come out. He spins round and round when he’s happy.

He generally gets along with all other dogs, though he can be a little bossy when feeling confident in his own space.

No matter how good he has it these days, Kevin is a big door dasher and will need a very secure yard and home. We are looking for a home without kids due to his “flight risk”. He’s only 7-lbs and we think he’s about 11-years old.

Kevin was treated with a heavy hand in the past and needs a gentle and mellow home. His confidence level has improved significantly inside the home but he needs continued reassurance when he’s out on the town. He still is pretty scared of the big world out there.

Kevin will loyally follow you around the house but is never underfoot. He loves giant belly rubs and is a sensitive softy with a very kind heart.

To learn more about Kevin, click the link to his Tails of Gray RescueAdoption page




Ichigo was confiscated as part of a large cruelty/neglect case in the Bay Area. Her prior living conditions were awful but she’s moved on from that and is happily enjoying the good life. Ichigo came to us with her sister Noodle and brother Coco.

She is a ~11-year old Lhaso Apso mix and about 23-lbs. She is good with other dogs and great with older kids but thinks it’s fun to chase after cats. She will do well in a home with access to the great outdoors when her family isn’t home.

Ichigo came to us with severe health issues and an immune system that has been ravaged by neglect. She’s finally reached a good level of health but will likely require close monitoring in her new home.

After years of abuse, our little big girl Ichigo is finally showing her fun side. She is a pretty easygoing girl, very affectionate and loves to be with her family. She enjoys walks/runs, sleeps through the night and has a fabulous playful side.

To learn more about Ichigo, click the link to her Tails of Gray RescueAdoption page




Max is our gentle giant. He was turned in to the Martinez shelter as a stray and quickly became a volunteer favorite. Everyone loves Max.
He is very affectionate, loves attention and enjoys being with his family. If you let him, he would be happy to sit on your lap.

He’s almost 100-lbs and we think he’s ~11-years old.

True to his breed, Max is a loyal and devoted boy. He will do anything for his family, and only asks for love, respect, hugs and focused attention in return. We are looking for a home for him where he can live out the rest of his time receiving the love that he so craves and deserves. He is learning to share the love with other dogs in the home, big and small. Max has health issues, including problems with his hind legs and his mobility, and all we can do is manage this through medicine and tons of love. He is happy and content. We believe there is a special home out there with a huge empty dog bed waiting for a dog just like Max.

To learn more about Max, click the link to his Tails of Gray RescueAdoption page




Izzy was picked up on the side of the road by Animal Services as a stray, too exhausted to move one more step. We can’t imagine this little girl having to fend for herself.

Despite a past filled with neglect, this little dog isn’t looking back and is moving forward with her tail wagging in full force. She’s very friendly, full of happy energy and has been known to be a bit of a rascal and a sock stealer!

Izzy enjoys going on walks but also loves to be carried around, enjoys showing off her special talent of walking on 2-legs for her treats. She can be a little sassy sometimes but gets along with other dogs of all sizes.  She’s ~5-lbs and we think she’s about 10-years young.

Izzy will fit well into most any home. She loves her family and will be a wonderfully loyal companion.

To learn more about Izzy, click the link to her Tails of Gray RescueAdoption page




Graham was adopted years ago from the same shelter where he ended up as an unclaimed stray. He is the sweetest dog in the land and we’re thankful to have him in our care.

Graham is a total lap dog, loves to go on walks and is a kind hearted boy. He gets along great with other dogs and loves older kids.
We think he’s about 12-years old and he weighs 12-lbs.

Graham was likely treated with a heavy hand and is still sometimes fearful of being harmed. He’s relieved to finally learn what it’s liked to be hugged and kissed and loved on. He loves to go on adventures but is just as happy to stay snuggled under heaps of blankets at home. Graham will make a great addition to almost any home.

To learn more about Graham, click the link to his Tails of Gray RescueAdoption page




Heidy is one of the sweetest little girls in the land! She is a happy dog who is grateful to be alive after being surrendered to the shelter by her family. She’s settling in nicely into her foster home, soaking up the love. She hasn’t had the best of care in the past but seems to know that everything is all better for her now.
Heidy is 12-years old and 16-lbs. She gets along with other dogs and is friendly toward everyone she meets. Heidy is full of beautiful energy and even likes to play fetch. She is a sweetie pie who would do well in most any home.

To learn more about Heidy, click the link to her Tails of Gray RescueAdoption page


Paddy Cakes

Paddy Cakes

Paddy Cakes comes to us from a shelter in Southern California, and he is living in a foster home with 4 dogs and a cat. He has poodle fur placed on a dachshund body – a real “low-rider” and a very cute combination.

He is a very sweet boy, and he loves, loves, loves his food, even though he only has a couple of teeth in his mouth. He gets along fine with both large and small dogs and curls up on a cozy couch or dog bed to sleep quietly through the night. He enjoys wandering around outside and lies quietly beside his foster mom while she reads or listens to music.

Paddy Cakes is about 25-lbs and we think he’s about 12-years old. He enjoys being rubbed and patted, although he is worried about being picked up so far. Paddy Cakes will fit nicely into any home.

To learn more about Paddy Cakes, click the link to his Tails of Gray RescueAdoption page




Darling little Minnie was left at the shelter as a stray. Hard to believe, as she’s so tiny and vulnerable. Minnie is sweet as can be and has settled in nicely to her loving foster home. She’s grateful to be warm and cozy and is receiving much needed TLC.

Our poor girl has not had a good life. She came to the shelter pretty matted, full of fleas and is quite thin so will need a lot of groceries.

Minnie is blind but manages to navigate her way around. She’s becoming more active and even starting to be playful! Her favorite place to be is right where her family is and she would love to have someone home with her for much of the day. So far, she seems to be house trained.

Minnie is just over 6-lbs and we think she’s 14-years old.

Minnie is a gentle girl who LOVES to be pet and held. She is very calm around other dogs and is loving toward children.
The past wasn’t kind to her but it is only good things for her from here forward. All that’s missing is a doting forever family!

To learn more about Minnie, click the link to her Tails of Gray RescueAdoption page


Molly Pitcher

Molly Pitcher

Molly Pitcher had some sad days recently. Her 80-year old dad passed away and his kids came into the home, put Molly Pitcher’s mom in a senior home and gave away her two doggie companions. That left her with less than zero. The family members planned to just have Molly Pitcher put down because “she is old” but a kind rescuer saved her just in time. She reached out to us for help and we were grateful to have an empty dog bed available.

Molly Pitcher is 12-years old and about 25-lbs. She generally gets along with other dogs but thinks bothering cats is fun. Molly has a hard time going up stairs but loves to be carried.

Molly Pitcher has a large inoperable tumor on her back-end. It may or may not limit her time remaining with us, we don’t know. She’s on medication for the days where she feels a little under the weather.

She can be reactive at times and has food guarding issues that we are working on. For this reason, we are looking for an experienced, adult home for her where she may live out her time, just being loved and hugged and spoiled.

To learn more about Molly Pitcher, click the link to her Tails of Gray RescueAdoption page




Lucas is a kind and gentle little soul. He’s a neglected boy who ended up in the shelter as a stray. It’s only up from here for him!
He gets along with dogs and cats and loves to snuggle with his family. He is very calm and affectionate, an easy-going dog.

Lucas has a little hitch in his giddy-up but gets around fine and can do 1-2 stairs. He’s even shown a playful side with other dogs.

He is about 12-years old and 12-lbs. We are working with our vet to get him on track with his health. In the meantime, it’s all about snuggles and kisses for Lucas!

To learn more about Lucas, click the link to his Tails of Gray RescueAdoption page



Tails of Gray Rescue contact links

To learn about all the dogs, that the Tails of Gray Rescue has available for adoption, click the following links:

Tails of Gray Rescue Website

Tails of Gray Rescue Facebook

Tails of Gray Rescue Twitter

Tails of Gray RescueAll Available Dogs for Adoption


Interactive Map of Senior Dog Rescues, Sanctuaries and Special Programs

Note: This map is presented with kind permission from Senior Pups

Click the “Brackets” on the right-side in the Map Header below to view the full-size map


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