Senior Sunday – Old Dog Haven

This weeks Senior Sunday post focus’ on Old Dog Haven in Lake Stevens, WA.

Old Dog Haven



From the Old Dog Haven website

Old Dog Haven is a small nonprofit group using a large network of foster homes to provide a loving safe home for abandoned senior dogs in western Washington. When we have room and the means, we take these dogs into our homes. We adopt out those dogs with a reasonable life-expectancy. We care for the rest as members of the family in permanent foster homes (what we call “Final Refuge”) for as long as they have good quality of life. In addition, we try to assist owners in finding new homes for their senior dogs through our website and referrals.

Our Mission

The mission of Old Dog Haven is to provide loving safe homes for senior dogs, age 8 and up, in western Washington, who have been abandoned or will become homeless at this stage of their lives. This may include:

Taking the older dogs into our homes and caring for them as members of the family as long as they have good quality of life, with preference to the oldest dogs including hospice situations;

  • Taking dogs with a reasonable life-expectancy into temporary foster homes and adopting them into a permanent home with people who will devote themselves to the dog;
  • Assisting owners in placing their senior dog into an appropriate new home, without asking for compensation.
  • We intend to keep these dogs as healthy and comfortable as possible by providing excellent veterinary care, without heroic measures intended only to extend life.
  • We are committed to helping these dogs find peace in their last years, regardless of our judgment of the humans who have left them.
Why We Do It

All too many dogs of advanced years find themselves terrified and confused at shelters, where their chances of adoption are almost zero. Others are desperate for a new home because of an owner’s death, a move, owners working much longer hours, trouble with small children in the home, or bad financial circumstances. Many of these dogs are in poor physical condition as well, making them even less appealing to others. Helping them is sometimes challenging, is often expensive, but is very very rewarding. Our goal is that their last years are happy and that they die safe and at peace, knowing they are loved. Wouldn’t we all wish this for our own pets and for ourselves?


Seniors have a lot to teach, we just need to be willing to watch, listen, and learn… (Divinity’s Dad, 2012)


Old Dog Haven Dogs – Available for Adoption



Sassafras is a sweet senior lady looking for a new start in life. She is blind, but that doesn’t hinder her curious and exploratory spirit. She
loves investigating the backyard and soaking up sun almost as much as she loves curling up in a lap or in her bed for snuggles and nap time. Sassy is a small poodle. She can live with dogs, cats and respectful children, and she is house trained. Because she is blind, she will need to be carried up/down any stairs in her new home, and protected from accidental falls. She arrived at the shelter with a skin problem and bad teeth, but her skin is almost all cleared up and she’s had a dental (including a few extractions) so her mouth feels much better. Let’s help little Miss Sassy Pants find a forever home to spend her golden years in!

To learn more about Sassafras, click the link to her Old Dog HavenAdoption page




This extra-large, extra-smiley boy is Tito! Tito is a Rottweiler-lab mix who is about 9-years old. Tito is looking for a home where he can live out his senior years in comfort. All he needs a comfy bed and yummy treats and he is happy as can be. Tito loves to play with squeaky toys and play tug of war. He also is smart and knows a few commands- he knows “sit”, “down”, and “give paw”! This big boy is also housebroken. Tito needs to be the only pet in the home, as he likes to have all the attention to himself. Tito needs a home (no apartments for this big boy) with a nice big yard so he has room to roam and explore, and he may do best with a fence. He can be a little nervous with strangers and uncomfortable with a lot of activity, so Tito would do best in a quiet home without young kids. If you have the perfect home for this big boy, come in and meet Tito today.

To learn more about Tito, click the link to his Old Dog HavenAdoption page




Angel is a 14-year-old, 15-pound, Jack Russell Terrier who found herself at the shelter after her owner passed away. She’s a sweet senior lady who enjoys hanging outside, going on walks and taking time out to smell the roses. Angel is looking for a stable and patient home to live out her sunset years. She would be ideal for someone who is home often and would do best as the only dog in a home with no kids (or older kids who will respect her space). Angel is independent and, although she isn’t much of a cuddler, she enjoys having her neck/back scratched once she has warmed up to you. In her old age, she has trouble seeing and is hard of hearing but still has a spring in her step. Please help Angel enjoy the remaining years of her life and apply to meet her today!

Angel (SAS ID#34973500) is posted for the Seattle Animal Shelter located at 2061 15th Ave W, Seattle WA 98119.

To learn more about Angel, click the link to her Old Dog HavenAdoption page




Rocket is a 10-year old boy who weighs 14-pounds. Rocket is said to be a Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix. Isn’t he cute? Not only is Rocket good looking, he’s a very smart, active dog. Rocket needs a home without male dogs or dogs that are bigger than he is. He has not been observed around cats but he has been good with kind children over age 4. Rocket is said to be great on leash and he walks at least a mile a day; he’s ready to be your exercise buddy! In his downtime, Rocket loves to be swaddled in a blanket and held. He loves sleeping in bed a night with his person.

Reportedly Rocket can go quite awhile without needing a potty break. Currently he stays alone for the workday inside his home without any issue. Rocket is a great companion dog who sounds like a lot of fun.

Rocket is waiting in Edmonds, WA., hoping to find his new home very soon.

To learn more about Rocket, click the link to his Old Dog HavenAdoption page




Sally is a grande dame in a small package. She obviously has stories to tell, given her rakish ear notch and distinguished gray muzzle, but she’s keeping her secrets and enjoying walks, cuddles, and soaking up the sofa cushions in a foster home. Sally is a 10-year old Rat Terrier. As with any senior dog, she has a few issues — she has the occasional accident in the house and a special diet keeps her skin allergies at bay — but this low-maintenance, easy-going gal will make someone lovely companion for her golden years. While she gets along with people, dogs, and even the resident cat, this mellow yet spry lady deserves a quiet home with someone who will respect her space and the fact that her senses are not what they used to be, so she can startle easily.

Sally (SAS ID#35111651) is a cross post for the Seattle Animal Shelter located at 2061 15th Ave W, Seattle, WA.

To learn more about Sally, click the link to her Old Dog HavenAdoption page




Turbo sure lives up to his name. He is ready to go and your typical Jack Russell who weighs 14-pounds. He is almost 12-years old. Turbo is very friendly but still a tenacious terrier through and through. He needs his fur-ever home to be cat free with a fully fenced and secure yard. Turbo would do well in an apartment as long as he had a couple LONG walks a day. Even at almost 12-years old this guy has lots of energy Turbo might be a little shy at first but give him a few to warm up and he’ll be your best friend. His fur-ever family should be 13-years and older this includes visiting family.

If you think your home could be this spunky little fellow’s fur-ever home then don’t hesitate to come check him out. He’ll be sure to steal your heart. Turbo has irritated skin right now which is being addressed through a diet upgrade. If you have any other K9 residents, please bring them along for a ride to have a little meet and greet. Turbo can do a little marking at first, but that isn’t anything a little bellyband can’t control; he is otherwise potty trained.

Turbo is a cross post for Camano Animal Shelter Association on Camano Island, WA.

To learn more about Turbo, click the link to his Old Dog HavenAdoption page


Mr. Chips

Mr. Chips

Mr. Chips is an adorable rat terrier mix who is guessed to be about 12-years old. He seems younger now then when he was rescued. A healthy diet, increase in play and activity can certainly do that! Supplements for his joints and muscles have helped greatly with the arthritis he displayed upon arrival to his Rompin Paws Rescue foster home. His fosters hope whomever adopts Mr. Chips will continue the diet and supplements that have helped him do so well.

Mr. Chips is a pretty laid back guy who loves to be close to his humans and follow them wherever they go. He is a happy boy who greets all comers with a wagging tail, wanting to say hello. When his fosters return after a short absence, he likes to be picked up and greet them properly .Mr. Chips is still the quintessential lapdog.

While a happy go lucky guy, there are 5 other dogs in his foster home. He is showing signs of strain as he would really prefer to just be with one other dog or would also do well as an only dog. He does not much like larger dogs or puppies, understandably.

Mr. Chips absolutely loves his daily walks and looks forward to them. He also enjoys going for car rides and looking out the window at the scenery. On cooler days he will find a spot on the rug to lay on where the sun comes through the window.

To learn more about Mr. Chips, click the link to his Old Dog HavenAdoption page


Old Dog Haven Dogs – Foster Homes Needed


A Pair of Dachshunds


Two 14-year-old dachshunds, male & female, 14-pounds and 9-pounds. One has impaired vision, the other sees just a little bit and has a fatty mass hanging from her chest that we’d hope to remove. They aren’t in bad health otherwise and really want a home together.

To learn more about A Pair of Dachshunds, click the link to their Old Dog HavenODH Homes Needed page


Chubby Rottie Boy

Chubby Rottie Boy

Chubby Rottie Boy is a Rottweiler, neutered male, pretty darn fat at 109-pounds. This big guy is very arthritic so limited mobility – won’t handle stairs. He is not aggressive with dogs but is pushy, obnoxious and strong so needs someone experienced in management. Much too interested in cats. If you love this breed he would like to hear from you.

To learn more about Chubby Rottie Boy, click the link to his Old Dog HavenODH Homes Needed page



Old Dog Haven contact links

To learn about all the dogs, that Old Dog Haven has available for adoption, click the following links:

Old Dog Haven Website

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Old Dog Haven Twitter

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Old Dog Haven Dogs Needing Foster Homes

Old Dog Haven Final Refuge Dogs





Interactive Map of Senior Dog Rescues, Sanctuaries and Special Programs

Note: This map is presented with kind permission from Senior Pups

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