Senior Sunday – Silver Muzzle Cottage

This weeks Senior Sunday post focus’ on the Silver Muzzle Cottage in Rapid City, MI.

Silver Muzzle Cottage


From the Silver Muzzle Cottage website

We’re on a mission to provide Senior, Disabled and Hospice dogs the chance to live out their remaining lives with love and dignity.


The Silver Muzzle Cottage Rescue & Hospice is a 501c3 organization that works with shelters and pet owners throughout the state of Michigan. We are an all-volunteer-based organization that relies solely on public donations and grant funding. Our organization is proud to be a certified rescue through the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance organization and a Transfer Partner with the Michigan Humane Society.

Our internationally-recognized program strives to educate others about the problem of homelessness amongst the senior dog population. Through positive promotion, we hope to shed light on the value, beauty and grace of these dogs and the many ways they can enrich the lives of those who choose to foster or adopt them.


Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our rescue. Cottage Friends volunteers enrich the lives of our rescues by taking them for walks, hikes in the woods, strolls on the beach and the occasional swim. For Cottage residents who are too limited to enjoy a more active lifestyle, quiet days on comfy dog beds and the companionship of our volunteers is all that is needed.


Through our Seniors For Seniors program, SMC volunteers take our Cottage residents to visit area nursing care facilities. This meaningful activity brings joy not only to the facility residents but to the dogs who participate.

Many canines late in their years are often found in area shelters and are quickly euthanized because their age and disabilities make them less likely to be adopted. We recognize that these dogs once gave their lives to someone, or to a family, and for a variety of reasons and factors, now find themselves in a strange, scary shelter environment or set “free” and eventually picked up as a stray.

Our team knows these dogs deserve more, that they shouldn’t die alone and afraid in a cage. Senior dogs deserve love and dignity in their final days, months and years. SMC is dedicated to the rescue, adoption and lifelong care of these senior dogs. Contact us to learn more about how you can get involved and help.

Once upon a time

Seniors have a lot to teach, we just need to be willing to watch, listen, and learn… (Divinity’s Dad, 2012)


Here are some, but not all of the senior dogs currently available for adoption from the Silver Muzzle Cottage.




Felix is a 13-year old,  small, Beagle mix. Felix is great with bigger dogs but will chase smaller dogs and cats; good with older kids, and housebroken.

Felix is partially deaf but is still very active and playful. Felix would make a great companion for a retired person looking for a buddy.

To learn more about Felix, message Silver Muzzle Cottage on Facebook @silvermuzzlecottage, or call (231) 264-8408




Joy is about 8-years old but was originally deemed to be a hospice dog. Joy has mammary tumors that are malignant, but can be removed. It is our plan to have these tumors removed so we can extend her life and she can live out her life in someone’s loving home. Is it yours???

Joy is good with kids/cats/dogs and is housebroken.

To learn more about Joy, message Silver Muzzle Cottage on Facebook @silvermuzzlecottage, or call (231) 264-8408




Lexi is a 14-year old male Cockapoo. Lexi has some lumps and bumps and a bit of arthritis, but loves his walks and snuggle time. He does OK with cats/dogs and would be best with kids over the age of 12. Lexi is ideal for a senior citizen who is looking for a companion dog.

To learn more about Lexi, message Silver Muzzle Cottage on Facebook @silvermuzzlecottage, or call (231) 264-8408




Parker is a 12-year old female Cocker-Bichon mix. Parker is great with kids/cats/dogs, has a sweet, pleasant demeanor and is housebroken.

To learn more about Parker, message Silver Muzzle Cottage on Facebook @silvermuzzlecottage, or call (231) 264-8408



Scout is a 12-ish year old miniature Beagle and is so sweet! He’s good with kids/cats/dogs and is a slower moving little ol’ guy. Scout does need to wear a belly band because he spent the majority of the last several years living outside. However, he’s great for this and will wait for you to put one on him as soon as he comes in from outside.

Scout weighs 21-lbs. He has a mass on his rectum that is surrounding one of his anal glands. The Vet doesn’t want to do a biopsy because it would likely become infected (because of the location) and because, if it is cancer, there isn’t anything that could be done about it. She also said that these types of tumors don’t metastasize very quickly, so he could have this for awhile without any issues.

Scout has also been neutered and has had dental work done. This boy deserves a loving home for whatever time he has left. It could be years.

To learn more about Scout, message Silver Muzzle Cottage on Facebook @silvermuzzlecottage, or call (231) 264-8408




Captain is approximately 11-years old and is on the road to better health. He’s good with kids/cats/dogs and is housebroken.

To learn more about Captain, Message Silver Muzzle Cottage on Facebook @silvermuzzlecottage, or call (231) 264-8408



Silver Muzzle Cottage contact links

To learn about all the dogs, that the Silver Muzzle Cottage has available for adoption, click the following links:

Silver Muzzle Cottage Website

Silver Muzzle Cottage Facebook





Interactive Map of Senior Dog Rescues, Sanctuaries and Special Programs

Note: This map is presented with kind permission from Senior Pups

Click the “Brackets” on the right-side in the Map Header below to view the full-size map


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